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Nurse Practitioner House Calls In Massachusetts 

Ideal Healthcare Solutions provides a comprehensive healthcare service created to reduce acute hospitalization for geriatric patients by delivering timely, personal, high quality filled Nurse Practitioner care to patients at their residence. 

Our professional and caring staff is ready to help you on every level. Ideal Healthcare Solutions in Easton, Massachusetts, offers health care house calls.

House Calls/ Assisted Living Communities

Our group of 20 providers travels within a 50-mile radius of Boston to improve access to medical care, especially for those lacking social support. Patients include those living in health care facilities as well as those living at home. Acute illness is usually the most common reason for patients needing our assistance.
Ideal Healthcare Solutions visits clients in their home/residence. Providers are equipped to do most procedures normally done in a medical office.


Our goal is to provide appropriate care in the most appropriate setting. Ideal Healthcare Solutions strives to provide patients with convenient, cost-effective, holistic health care in a safe environment. It is the intent of this program to reduce acute hospitalization, improve mortality and morbidity and contain healthcare costs, through the appropriate and timely management of acute and chronic conditions. 

 Services are provided by Board Certified Nurse Practitioners with years of experience in adult and geriatric care. Our providers take a personal approach to each client, with service provided in the individual's residence. There is ongoing communication between the NP and client or proxy to establish care goals.

Medication Management

At Ideal Healthcare Solutions, our goal is to provide continued quality care to all of our patients. We have partnered with Maple Tree Health of Bridgewater, MA. a pharmacy group to provide medication management. The benefit of the service is to reconcile medications, reduce medication use as well as cost management. 

There is no additional cost to this service as it is covered by insurance.  


  • Physical Examination and Diagnosis
  • Evaluate & Treat Acute Illnesses
  • Monitoring Chronic Conditions
  • Post Hospital Management 
  • End of Life Care Management
  • Removal of Impacted Ear Wax
  • Order X-rays, EKGs and Ultrasounds 
  • Facilitate Discharge Planning
  • Prevent Delay in Treatment
  • Decreased Hospitalization
  • Prescription Refills
  • Blood Work

Health Insurance Accepted

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare
Tufts Health Plan
United Health Care
And many more...

Nursing Facilities

Nurse Practitioners work collaboratively with the other members of the health care team to provide optimal care and services. Providers conduct routine and episodic physical examination and diagnostic evaluations. Nurse Practitioners have an active presence in the facilities rounding several times weekly, and daily if necessary.
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